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Mar 2, 2010

Preview: MaleFitnessModels.Net Featured Model

Later this month, will feature yours truly on the front page of its website!  Taken directly from its Facebook page, "MaleFitnessModels.NET is a blogsite to find news, information and profiles on some of the hottest physique and fitness models in the industry. It's where you meet guys who have put the effort, discipline and time to look great, both inside and out. It contains photos, interviews, profiles, videos and special features on those we consider the most amazing hunks on earth!"  Seems like I'll be in great company and from the posts I've read and viewed on their site, it'll be quite a flattering experience to be included among hot industry talent.

For a preview of this article, please visit the MaleFitnessModels.Net blogsite and to become a fan of visit the fanpage on Facebook.

Special thanks to the photographers I've collaborated with who've provided me with some amazing work (you know who you are).  Also, thanks to Michael Novotny and his staff for discovering my work and featuring me on his website!

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