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Feb 28, 2010

My Facebook Saga Concludes

So after weeks of unanswered emails trying to figure out why my original Facebook account was disabled, I received an email from The Facebook Team, stating that they have removed content (photos) which violated the Terms of Use and Statement of Rights and after reviewing my situation have re-enabled my account.  It appears that nothing has changed and pictures I felt were pulled mistakenly have not been removed either.  Needless to say, I'm hoping the drama with Facebook has come to an end, but it's been quite a saga to get my original account up and running.  It helps to have friends who know people and who support you along the way (thanks, SS).

I will probably phase out my other Facebook account which I created after my original was suspended, but for now I will keep both so that I don't miss out on any networking opportunities I may have initiated.  I'll be directing folks accordingly.  Oh, and refer to my "Lurking in the Grass" post below because I've been quite aggressive with my privacy settings, allowing only supporters of my modeling progress and career to view my portfolio and other albums and posts.  I will be monitoring those lurking snakes like a hawk!

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