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Feb 15, 2010

KISS the Runway - Fashion Show

This past Saturday (Feb. 13) I participated in Baltimore's KISS the Runway Fashion Show as a runway model.  Sponsored by Coors Light and DTLR, the event consisted of dozens of male and female models, fashion designers, a 50-foot runway platform, and special guest Diva Davanna, the 10-year old runway sensation seen on America's Next Top Model and the Tyra Banks Show (From New Jersey).  It wasn't my first experience doing runway, but this was by far the most ellaborate and higher end shows I've done.  I had been preparing for this event for a couple of months by traveling to Baltimore for auditions and fittings and maintaining my strict diet and workout regimen in case I had to bare my body for the runway. 

The show started at 6pm, but the male models had to show up at 2pm for fittings, makeup, and anything else the coordinators needed.  I met some really fun people and reconnected with others, so the 4-hour wait was somewhat bearable.  However, because we were all told to stay close by, I was unable to grab a substantial lunch or dinner until after the show, which wrapped around 9pm.  Life of a model I guess! =)

The most notable moment of the show occurred at the very end, with Kantankerous Couture's lineup.  I had modeled two other designers' clothing line with ease, but I knew I had to really WERQ it for the finale.  Jonthan Winkles, the man behind Kantankerous Couture, made 3 flashy outfits for me to model so I knew the challenge I was facing to rush back and prepare for the subsequent ones. 

The first two walks of the finale were great, but I had to sprint back and put on my silver gogo boy outfit (the finale), including the 10lb. hooker boots (it's always the shoes causing drama)! I went as fast as I could - they were shouting for models!  I got the silver top and shorts on just fine, tied the boot laces the best I could with the help of Jonathan and another model, and made it out on the runway JUST in time.  I had nailed it...!  =)

So in the end I had a blast, endured some stressful situations, and partied on the town with my favorite desginer.  It was a lovely welcome to Valentine's Day!  KISS.............xoxoxo

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  1. Happy to be your favorite designer and help you expand from print work to the runway. You did a great job, and glad to make you a new member of the Kantankerous team. Starting at the bottom and moving on up. Hopefully more successful adventures ahead.