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Aug 18, 2010

Shawn Stingel: 2011 Ripped Genes Calendar Model

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After auditioning and interviewing for consideration in photographer Robert Mercer's 2011 Ripped Genes Calendar last November (2009), I felt slightly intimidated and perhaps even a bit underqualified for a sexy and edgy men's calendar.  I had seen his previous editions and the stunning models he selected but felt only mildly confident that I'd even be considered as a wildcard (some of his models have gone on to sign contracts with agencies around the country).

I had high hopes and was very nervous last year after my audition with Mercer, but months had passed since that initial interview.  Within that time, I had gained valuable experience by shooting with talented photographers (many from NY), winning the TeamDC fashion show/model contest (Mercer was a judge), and being mentored by former model and now esteemed photographer from Y.M.I.J.   25 guys out of 500+ were chosen to do a photoshoot, but the calendar only features 18.  Even though I passed the first round, had many modeling experiences under my belt, and winning the fashion show contest, I was still feeling the pressure!

All the hard work at the gym, the numerous photoshoots, and advice/mentorship paid off in the end.  Mercer announced that I had made the calendar!  Needless to say, I was thrilled from hearing the news!  I probably acted like a little kid in the candy store.  I even called mom!

Even though I'm done with shooting and the calendar release party has passed, there will be various upcoming events and media shows in which I'll be asked to represent the Ripped Genes calendar.  Luckily for me I got a headstart with Mercer's Nutcracker fashion show this past December. I've also gained more experience by working fashion shows for Universal Gear as a model throughout the year - these will all come in handy when I walk the Ripped Genes runway in the future.  For those interested in purchasing your own calendar, please click here.

I'm quite pleased with the results of the photoshoot and being Mr. March.  I only saw one image through Mercer's camera at the time, but "Oooooh" was my reaction!  Thanks again to Robert Mercer for having faith in my abilities - I won't let you down, boo!  =)

Behind the scenes footage of last year's Ripped Genes Calendar shoot, courtesy of Jeoffrey Nolt.

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