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Nov 1, 2010

Under My Umbrella, by Will Matias

When it rains it pours!  That's kind of how I would describe this series of images by Will Matias/Saitam Photography, featuring a guest appearance by model Robert Neff.  Just like an isolated thunderstorm that rapidly dumps rain over a short period of time, this shoot didn't last very long.  Granted, the post-editing took some time, but the shoot only took maybe 30 minutes.

For the limited time we had available, it was imperative to elevate my modeling skills. Thankfully, Will provided us with his concept in advance so that we weren't improvising at the last minute.  Modeling with another individual was not foreign to me, for I've done it in the past with other shoots.  Perhaps the most notorious instance was Masquerade, a darker and more erotic concept with model Jack Kirven.  This time I turn up the charm and sensibility by bringing forth a softer character with a more poetic storyline.

"With this set I wanted to display the start of a relationship between two men. Done in an almost romantic style this shoot shows how two men meet after one shares his umbrella with a man who was soaking wet. With this good deed comes a chance for the two of them to not only meet but to ultimately fall in love"

And obviously I enjoyed seeing them displayed on EthanSays.  This marks the first time (to my knowledge) Will's received high-praise for his photography from the critically-acclaimed website, although I'm certain you'll be hearing and seeing more from this talented photographer in the very near future.  I'm happy to have worked with him and Rob on this beautiful series and look forward to my next concept shoot with Will:  Gladiator!  

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