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Nov 11, 2010

Abandoned, by Brian Henry

No trespassing allowed!  Okay, well that's what the signs said but they didn't prevent me and photographer Brian Henry from capturing this unconventionally unique series of images taken at two abandoned factories in Baltimore, MD.  These two locations were full of interesting backdrops and visuals so I had a lot to work with.  

Brian shot at these locations before so he was able to scout the best spots for shooting. These deserted factories were appropriate for the occasion, as much of his work contains an abandoned, often moody feel.  I found it challenging not to upstage the setting but rather blend in with my surroundings which required more subdued expressions and poses.  I hope I've been able to convey this concept yet still bring my Stingel spark.  

Hope you enjoy this series of images as much as I did shooting them.  I'm always learning how to challenge myself through photoshoots and I appreciate working with photographers like Brian Henry who bring a sensible and unconventional approach. 

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