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Sep 27, 2010

Drenched Relic, by Julian Vankim

Grab a towel and dry yourself off.  Even though summer is over, I still managed to get a little soak'n wet at my latest photoshoot with Julian Vankim.  "Drenched Relic," a series of images captured in front of black seamless paper with water being poured onto my head (with assistance from fellow model, Rob Neff) seemed like a simple enough concept, but ever since I began challenging my own expressions and emotions, I wanted to bring those lessons to my shoot.  Combined with my grown-out beard, a full head of hair, and a little bit of styling, it was enough to grab the attention of EthanSays, the popular fashion-centric and modern culture website.

Reflecting back at this concept, I've always wanted to do a soak-themed shoot.  I was mildly successful at a previous attempt, but when Julian shared the idea of capturing water dripping from my face I saw an opportunity to improve.  I also wanted to avoid the usual crop of cliched images you often see models do.  With Julian's creative eye behind the camera and my growing experience with modeling, I think we both created an original collection of images that exceeded my own expectations.  Thank you Julian, Rob, and Ethan for a fun and successful collaboration!

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