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Apr 20, 2010

Springwolf by Robert Charles

Introducing, "Springwolf."  This 3-image set by Robert Charles of RCimagery is part of my weekend photoshoot down in Raleigh, NC from a few weeks ago.  We hadn't really envisioned such a lively and colorful series while shooting (or even beforehand), but one of the things I wanted to add to my portfolio were some fun fashion shots.  Robert, a more fitness-oriented photographer, was a bit out of his element but luckily he had an experienced model as his subject.  =)

Prior to shooting anything that weekend, Robert and I took a trip to the mall and hit up the trend-setters:  Express, H&M, Diesel, and Nordstroms.  I brought a few articles with me as well, including some accessories and sunglasses to have as options.  Not the most comfortable shopping for a fashion shoot, Robert successfully chose most of the clothing you see in these shots.  After all, those are HIS red shoes by the way!

As is customary for my photoshoots, dance music and alcoholic beverages complimented our session. Ever have an ice cream martini or a gelato-tini?  DE-licious!  I also have a signature song that really gets me pumped and loose for a photoshoot:  Lady Gaga's "Telephone."  I'll listen to just about anything to get me in the mood to dance, but I peak once that song plays!  I have a special connection to that song, though - the banner picture on my blog, "Stereophone" was created when I first listened to it during a shoot.

Needless to say, we wrapped things up around 3am after the coffee-flavored vodka and the espresso tequila took their effect.  Robert and I are proud of what we spawned:  a colorful series of fashion shots that seemed to surprise us both.  The images came together nicely and fit well as a set.  A successful collaboration, indeed! Oowwwuuuu!

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  1. Great job Shawn! Always leading the way. Keep up killing those shoots amigo. I am looking forward to finally getting to work with you. I have my studio on "RED ALERT" Mr Stingel approaches, fast your belts gents!!! It's going to be crazy here.