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Apr 9, 2010

Cherry Poppin' Fun

Modeling for me needs to be enjoyable...Always!  But sometimes it's okay to let yourself go and just be silly - we're only young once, right?  I seldom stray from my usual routine of dieting and exercise during the week and maintain my strict discipline rigorously.  And that includes no alcohol whatsoever...except for when I shoot with Jimy Kosmakos/Y.M.I.J.  This is Y.M.I.J.'s first outdoor shoot, so we needed the liquid encouragement.

The night began rather soberly: shopping for inspiration at H&M (of course), walking around the side streets of Cleveland Park scoping out potential locations, just your basic prep work.  But you see, Jimy and I get sidetracked a lot, which shouldn't come as a surprise considering the three shots of tequila (top quality, I might add) and half a bottle of wine we had downed before a single flash of his camera.  We're no alcoholics by any means and I'm not endorsing this activity to my audience, but I must admit that we produce some killer images this way! I don't know, you tell me...

I won't go into details of how we came up with the name of this image we call Cherry, but just use your imagination and it may come to you.  One of those things that makes you go, "Hmm..."

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