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Sep 27, 2011

Uncanny Rose, by YMIJ

A reunion of epic proportions!  Well, at least I like to think so!  Sure you have your peanut butter & jelly, Regis & Kelly, heck even lace and leather.  But what two commodities go better than YMIJ and Shawn Stingel? THAT'S a fierce combination in and of itself if you ask me!

Okay, well enough with the dramatics...there's certainly a more significant and profound art to showcase here and that's the return of YMIJ to the photography scene once again.  After studying and doing research, as well as my own internal reflection, we've reunited on our first series in over a year which takes shape as an editorial story. Maybe that's why it's best described as uncanny, something unusual and out of the ordinary.  It's clean, crisp, beautiful...and different. Perhaps one of my more softer and inviting sets, I enjoyed the concept and hope you appreciate the sophisticated approach.

And as an added bonus, I washed away the sophistication about a week later by sexing things up with YMIJ in this Angelina Jolie-inspired retake of a famous Annie Leibovitz bathtub photograph. Just like a DVD with extra footage, Uncanny Rose comes with its very own deleted scene. Perhaps one of my favorite images of the year, this re-imagination demonstrates how important strong facial expressions are and how far I've come since I started modeling.  

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