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Nov 21, 2010

Rudy K Recap

October officially marked the beginning of my fall/winter photoshoot series, and I was excited to meet and shoot with Rudy K (see the preview here).  I took notice of his work back in early Spring and have since become a big fan, but I knew I had to gain more experience (and muscle tone) before setting up a test session with him.  After summer concluded, I evaluated my portfolio and determined that I'd give him a shout.  

I was excited but I knew I had to be strong!  Perhaps I was even a little nervous!  But after watching multiple seasons of Tyra's Next Top Model show, I knew what those models were going through - the pre-shoot jitters.  But I didn't let it get to me, I just allowed my personality shine through and eventually I was calm enough to produce what I feel are some of my stronger and more dynamic images this year.

And perhaps I'm not the only one who feels this way.  RockMyBlog, the sister site of YVY magazine, featured these images on their fashion site, giving the series a bonafide seal of approval.  It's been a while since I've seen my work displayed by YVY (see Stones and Midnight Cowboy from earlier this year), so I was thrilled to see the feature.


There's a possiblity I'll be shooting with him again for a trampoline shoot but for now I'll just enjoy these latest additions to my portfolio book.  Thank you Rudy for sharing your studio and your experiences with me.

Nov 16, 2010

Beautiful Photographer, Julian Vankim

It's been a beautiful life this week for Julian Vankim!  Customarily, I enjoy sharing samples of my most recent work and any accolades I may have received, but from time to time I also try to showcase individual photographers and their accomplishments, especially if I've worked with them.  And that's what today's blog is all about.

I first shot with Julian way back in March, before his sudden rise within the industry.  I saw potential.  We shot again in early summer for his Flow series and things seemed to get busier for the young photographer.  His work became more refined, more artistic, and folks began to take notice...including EthanSays, one of the more prominent and industry-leading blog sites around. He debuted on with model Stephen Benedicto, followed by his Ribbon Series with the DC Cowboys, and continued to grow.

We shot together again (our 3rd shoot) back in August, and produced three amazing series, two of which have already been published on EthanSays (Drenched Relic and Executive Canvas).  I had suggested that he take a chance and try to submit to Beautifulmag, another photography blog that showcases amazing works of other renowned photographers in the industry.  Although they didn't take the bait at first, his submission definitely sparked their interest.  They dug deeper into his portfolio and decided to give him his very first full-length feature on their website.  And he's in great company, too...right alongside other notable photographers such as Rick Day, Dylan Rosser, and other heavyweights within the industry.

Cheers to Julian for his success!  I'm sure there will be much more critical acclaim coming his way in the very near future.  I'm happy to see him grow and excel in his passion - very inspiring!

Nov 11, 2010

Abandoned, by Brian Henry

No trespassing allowed!  Okay, well that's what the signs said but they didn't prevent me and photographer Brian Henry from capturing this unconventionally unique series of images taken at two abandoned factories in Baltimore, MD.  These two locations were full of interesting backdrops and visuals so I had a lot to work with.  

Brian shot at these locations before so he was able to scout the best spots for shooting. These deserted factories were appropriate for the occasion, as much of his work contains an abandoned, often moody feel.  I found it challenging not to upstage the setting but rather blend in with my surroundings which required more subdued expressions and poses.  I hope I've been able to convey this concept yet still bring my Stingel spark.  

Hope you enjoy this series of images as much as I did shooting them.  I'm always learning how to challenge myself through photoshoots and I appreciate working with photographers like Brian Henry who bring a sensible and unconventional approach. 

Nov 9, 2010

Labor Day Weekend, w/Kemuel Valdes

The pics are in from my test shoot with Kemuel Valdes down in Miami over the Labor Day weekend back in September.  (For an earlier preview of the photoshoot and a sample of Kemuel's work, visit my blog post here).  The shoot was brief, but I got some impressive images in the short time we spent shooting.  Thank you Kemuel for sharing your time and allowing me to become part of the Valdes arthouse!  I wish you great success and hope our paths cross again.

Nov 1, 2010

Under My Umbrella, by Will Matias

When it rains it pours!  That's kind of how I would describe this series of images by Will Matias/Saitam Photography, featuring a guest appearance by model Robert Neff.  Just like an isolated thunderstorm that rapidly dumps rain over a short period of time, this shoot didn't last very long.  Granted, the post-editing took some time, but the shoot only took maybe 30 minutes.

For the limited time we had available, it was imperative to elevate my modeling skills. Thankfully, Will provided us with his concept in advance so that we weren't improvising at the last minute.  Modeling with another individual was not foreign to me, for I've done it in the past with other shoots.  Perhaps the most notorious instance was Masquerade, a darker and more erotic concept with model Jack Kirven.  This time I turn up the charm and sensibility by bringing forth a softer character with a more poetic storyline.

"With this set I wanted to display the start of a relationship between two men. Done in an almost romantic style this shoot shows how two men meet after one shares his umbrella with a man who was soaking wet. With this good deed comes a chance for the two of them to not only meet but to ultimately fall in love"

And obviously I enjoyed seeing them displayed on EthanSays.  This marks the first time (to my knowledge) Will's received high-praise for his photography from the critically-acclaimed website, although I'm certain you'll be hearing and seeing more from this talented photographer in the very near future.  I'm happy to have worked with him and Rob on this beautiful series and look forward to my next concept shoot with Will:  Gladiator!