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Jul 19, 2010

Summer Breeze, by Joe TickNow

My summer trilogy with Joe TickNow concludes with a breezy fashion series, a small collection of shots captured in the shaded areas of NY.  Intended as a cool-off from my other two series ("Heat Waves" and "99 Degrees"), this final collaboration with Joe brings the heat down by showcasing some of summer's lighter threads, eliciting a cooler mood and relief from the summer blaze.

This was actually our first concept of the day but our third release together.  The preview for "Heat Waves" debuted our trilogy while "99 Degrees" followed afterwards.  We shot the breezy fashion series under a bridge first thing in the morning, a warm-up to the more steamy stuff that would ensue later in the day.  My hair at this point had grown to a length that was malleable, so Joe was able to play with the styling more freely to achieve a summery look.

Joe and I hope you have enjoyed our collaborative trilogy of summer sizzlers including "Summer Breeze," our cool fashion set.  Stay tuned for the final release of "Heat Waves," set to scorch next week.  I also want to wish Joe continued success in his seasonal photoshoot series.  Thank you once again for including me in your summer portfolio.  You're amazing!


  1. Looking great Shawn :-)


  2. I like this set a lot! You look much different than your past photo shoots. It shows that SPB is truly versatile!