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Mar 28, 2010

Being Robert Redford

Kevin Almond of Haringman Photography, a London-based photographer visiting the US on pleasure, challenged me in coming up with inspiration based on the 60s fashion era, influenced and perhaps pioneered by the penultimate Robert Redford.  Far in advance, Kevin and I discussed themes, concepts, and agreed on a date for the photoshoot.  He flew from across the pond, I traveled by bus, and we met in Manhattan's lower-east side in a small coffee shop on a cold, dreary Friday morning in March.  Not the most pleasant conditions to be blessed with, but we made do with what we had.

Prior to my rendezvous with Kevin, my talented photographer Jimy Kosmakos of Y.M.I.J. offered consulting advice as wardrobe stylist to achieve that classic, slim 60s look.  We shopped vintage clothing and accessories at stores like H&M, Express, Urban Outfitters, and Forever 21.  In the end, Jimy was able to select 4-5 different looks for me that could be mixed and matched based on a small article change here and there. 

Packed and ready for the shoot, I met with Kevin at the coffee shop and he was thrilled by the choices.  We ventured out into the quieter streets of NY, hoping for as little disturbance as possible from patrons and began our shoot.  A few hours later, we wrapped up our Robert Redford series and headed back for a few indoor concepts, mainly sexy underwear and fitness shots.

I realize the sexy stuff doesn't really follow the 60s-theme but one of the qualities that lured me into Kevin's work was his fitness photography.  He's worked with some pretty notable fitness and fashion models over in London, and his work with them is brilliant!  I was thrilled to do some of the more sexier, edgier images with him.  Kevin's British eye towards photography could add some "cheekyness" to my portfolio; I'm looking forward to seeing our collaborative efforts! 

NOTE:  I'll be posting images from our shoot as I receive them.  For now, please enjoy the inspiration behind our shoot as well as some of Kevin Almond's photography.

Mar 21, 2010

Winner! Team DC Fashion Show Contest

All my hard work and determination paid off as the judges (and my online supporters) chose me as the 2010 Team DC Fashion Show Winner!  I could not have done this without the enthusiasm that so many of my friends and facebook "fans" have showed me since online voting began a couple weeks ago.   And to all the models who strutted right along with me, I owe you a drink next time I see you out!  You boys were amazing and I had a blast frollicking around backstage with you all!

Video courtesy of Metro Weekly.

Mar 20, 2010

DNA Magazine Online Feature

Adding yet another commercial credit to my resume, I continue to expand internationally with a feature on DNA Magazine's blogsite.  As most may know, DNA magazine's popularity spreads world-wide covering all realms of gay fashion, male modeling, photography, and pop culture.  DNA continues to be Australia's best-selling magazine for gay men and is a prominent staple on many gay men's coffee tables here in the US. 

DNA spotted two images by one of my favorite photographers, Jimy Kosmakos of Y.M.I.J. and wanted to feature them on their blog.  They were created rather spontaneously during the snowstorm that hit DC recently.  Jimy called me wanting to do a shoot and since we were both snowed in most of the time (and because it's Jimy) I decided to venture out, dragging my suitcase of clothing options through the snow. 

It was obviously well worth it, as Jimy achived his vision and we got two stunning images that seemed to grab DNA's attention.  This marks the second online publication from my collaboration with Jimy (our first was Ohlala's feature on Pink Magic)!  Our latest DNA exposure (posted March 13th) has already received 2,000+ hits and continues to grow.  For a review of the blog entry just click here.

Mar 19, 2010

YVY Magazine Feature - "Stones"

After gracing the cover of 5IVE magazine, my success into commercial print continued with my own column on YVY Magazine.  YVY provides a daily dose of the hottest male models, fashion editorials, ad campaigns and portfolios of the best photographers from all over the world!  I submitted a group of pictures from my first shoot with Tony Veloz last month that I call the "Stones Series."  All nine images represent a stone of some kind, a theme I began to notice after Quartz, one of my favorite headshots I've ever done.  I built upon that theme and was able to make a complete set out of the series of images, and YVY liked it.

For a complete review of the featured article, click here.

Mar 15, 2010

Two Bottles, Two Models, One Photographer

Sounds like a canceled TV show on Fox!  No, this "event" of sorts has been catching buzz for quite some time and finally came to a head (no pun intended...I think) this past Sunday.  Teaming up with the handsome model Jack Kirven, I was called upon for an inspiration that my photographer Jimy Kosmakos/Y.M.I.J had been envisioning with two models.  I won't disclose details, but I can provide one theme that will be displayed throughout the forthcoming image(s):  Homoeroticism!  

Jimy had set up a photoshoot with Jack weeks in advance, so he shot Jack's solo session first during the earlier part of the afternoon but switched gears when I arrived.  With two bottles of wine, I came onto the set ready for the task at hand!  I had never met Jack in person, only through email and Facebook, but it was probably the most fun I've ever had at a photoshoot, for the three of us got drunk, laughed, joked around, played around on Model Mayhem and danced to music - all in our skivies.  Well except for Jimy, but next time!

Afterwards the three of us met up with one of my other great photographers, Julian Vankim.  The rising artist joined us at Starbucks for a sober cup of Joe while we discussed our frolicking adventures and the industry.  The three of us were coming down off our buzz and were probably a little much for the young gent, but we all had a great time together!

If you're wondering about the images, it will just have to be a mystery for a while.  Jimy's mind is brewing at the moment and has plans for the resulting photos.  Trust me, we're all going to be waiting on Jimy's next move with great anticipation!

Photos of Jack Kirven, courtesy of Keith Bailey and Y.M.I.J.
To become a fan of Y.M.I.J. please visit him on Facebook
For Jack Kirven's modeling work, visit his portfolio on Model Mayhem

Mar 9, 2010

Underwear News Briefs - Feature Article

Underwear News Briefs is a blog dedicated to finding the best in men's underwear, and making sure there is a forum for guys to talk about and discuss all things underwear!  I've worked with photographers who've told me that my physique is ideal for underwear and commercial modeling, so I'm excited to be featured on this site and add another profile column to my growing list of credits.  Special thanks to RMJ Studios for collaborating and producing the cover image along with me!  =)

Click here to visit the featured section

Manny Fontanilla - Photoshop Artist

After posting my most recent work on my portfolio, Manny Fontanilla, a photoshop artist who not only touches up pictures but makes them into works of art, contacted me to express his admiration!  Manny's imagery has earned him kudos from Model Mayhem and has won the Picture of the Day (POTD) on several occasions, something I've been seeking myself.  He asked for a few high-resolution headshots, so I sent him a few from my shoot with Julian Vankim.  He submitted our image into Model Mayhem's daily contest, but we came in 3rd place - his work is notorious for placing at the top!  Thanks, Manny!

To visit Manny Fontanilla's fanpage on Facebook, please click here.

Mar 5, 2010

Modeling for a Cause

Later this month (March 20th), I'll be participating in my first Team DC Fashion Show with other 12 other models.  Team DC is the umbrella organization of the LGBT sports clubs in the Washington, DC region. Each year they sponsor a Fashion Show and Model Search to benefit their Team DC College Scholarship Program which is given annually to LGBT student-athletes graduating from high school.  And since I play tennis for CTA (under the Team DC organization), what better way to blend two of my passions for a charitable cause? 

But this is also a competition!  Models will be judged on their ability to show off the clothing, how well they work the crowd during the Auction (not the Auction item amount since some items will be more costly than others), and crowd response.  Clothing lines include selections from Cha Cha Boy, the Leather Rack, Universal Gear, Fireboy, Caramel and Skiviez. 

There will also be an online voting portion of the show leading up to the competition on March 20, which will account for 25% of a model's overall score.  You can vote daily so stop by and vote for your favorite.  The model with the highest overall score wins $500 cash, a free professional photoshoot with Robert Mercer photography, and becomes an automatic finalist to be considered for the 2011 Ripped Genes calendar.

Click here to cast your vote and may the best model win!

Mar 4, 2010

Sexing it Up with Tony Veloz

In an attempt to surpass the first shoot I did with Tony (the Stone Series slideshow), he and I had been planning weeks in advance for a follow-up.  We exchanged lengthy emails almost daily, sharing our inspirations on photographs we'd come across and brainstorming on how we would "sex" it up and make our next endeavor an edgier one. I'm confident that our efforts have paid off.

In our shoot, Tony was inspired by my passion for tennis and some raw images of Rick Day, which if you know his work at all you know that it pushes the boundaries of sexy male photography (his work is truly amazing)!  Some consider his work pornographic, but Tony and I both see an artful side and felt inspired.  My hoodie shot and the green jacket shot below came from that line of thought, while the tennis series explores a more original and colorful side, looking to put a sexier spin on tennis but with a fun and welcoming touch with Tony's signature style.

I've managed to combine the photo we used as inspiration with the finished one(s) as a means of comparing the two.  Although not entirely the same, I like to think we met our expectations.  Note the Rick Day-inspired shot...I think we nailed that one!  :)

Mar 2, 2010

Preview: MaleFitnessModels.Net Featured Model

Later this month, will feature yours truly on the front page of its website!  Taken directly from its Facebook page, "MaleFitnessModels.NET is a blogsite to find news, information and profiles on some of the hottest physique and fitness models in the industry. It's where you meet guys who have put the effort, discipline and time to look great, both inside and out. It contains photos, interviews, profiles, videos and special features on those we consider the most amazing hunks on earth!"  Seems like I'll be in great company and from the posts I've read and viewed on their site, it'll be quite a flattering experience to be included among hot industry talent.

For a preview of this article, please visit the MaleFitnessModels.Net blogsite and to become a fan of visit the fanpage on Facebook.

Special thanks to the photographers I've collaborated with who've provided me with some amazing work (you know who you are).  Also, thanks to Michael Novotny and his staff for discovering my work and featuring me on his website!