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Mar 15, 2010

Two Bottles, Two Models, One Photographer

Sounds like a canceled TV show on Fox!  No, this "event" of sorts has been catching buzz for quite some time and finally came to a head (no pun intended...I think) this past Sunday.  Teaming up with the handsome model Jack Kirven, I was called upon for an inspiration that my photographer Jimy Kosmakos/Y.M.I.J had been envisioning with two models.  I won't disclose details, but I can provide one theme that will be displayed throughout the forthcoming image(s):  Homoeroticism!  

Jimy had set up a photoshoot with Jack weeks in advance, so he shot Jack's solo session first during the earlier part of the afternoon but switched gears when I arrived.  With two bottles of wine, I came onto the set ready for the task at hand!  I had never met Jack in person, only through email and Facebook, but it was probably the most fun I've ever had at a photoshoot, for the three of us got drunk, laughed, joked around, played around on Model Mayhem and danced to music - all in our skivies.  Well except for Jimy, but next time!

Afterwards the three of us met up with one of my other great photographers, Julian Vankim.  The rising artist joined us at Starbucks for a sober cup of Joe while we discussed our frolicking adventures and the industry.  The three of us were coming down off our buzz and were probably a little much for the young gent, but we all had a great time together!

If you're wondering about the images, it will just have to be a mystery for a while.  Jimy's mind is brewing at the moment and has plans for the resulting photos.  Trust me, we're all going to be waiting on Jimy's next move with great anticipation!

Photos of Jack Kirven, courtesy of Keith Bailey and Y.M.I.J.
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