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Mar 28, 2010

Being Robert Redford

Kevin Almond of Haringman Photography, a London-based photographer visiting the US on pleasure, challenged me in coming up with inspiration based on the 60s fashion era, influenced and perhaps pioneered by the penultimate Robert Redford.  Far in advance, Kevin and I discussed themes, concepts, and agreed on a date for the photoshoot.  He flew from across the pond, I traveled by bus, and we met in Manhattan's lower-east side in a small coffee shop on a cold, dreary Friday morning in March.  Not the most pleasant conditions to be blessed with, but we made do with what we had.

Prior to my rendezvous with Kevin, my talented photographer Jimy Kosmakos of Y.M.I.J. offered consulting advice as wardrobe stylist to achieve that classic, slim 60s look.  We shopped vintage clothing and accessories at stores like H&M, Express, Urban Outfitters, and Forever 21.  In the end, Jimy was able to select 4-5 different looks for me that could be mixed and matched based on a small article change here and there. 

Packed and ready for the shoot, I met with Kevin at the coffee shop and he was thrilled by the choices.  We ventured out into the quieter streets of NY, hoping for as little disturbance as possible from patrons and began our shoot.  A few hours later, we wrapped up our Robert Redford series and headed back for a few indoor concepts, mainly sexy underwear and fitness shots.

I realize the sexy stuff doesn't really follow the 60s-theme but one of the qualities that lured me into Kevin's work was his fitness photography.  He's worked with some pretty notable fitness and fashion models over in London, and his work with them is brilliant!  I was thrilled to do some of the more sexier, edgier images with him.  Kevin's British eye towards photography could add some "cheekyness" to my portfolio; I'm looking forward to seeing our collaborative efforts! 

NOTE:  I'll be posting images from our shoot as I receive them.  For now, please enjoy the inspiration behind our shoot as well as some of Kevin Almond's photography.


  1. Look forwqard to seeing those photos from this shoot Shawn

  2. just as soon as I get back to London I will be getting to work and selecting some shots to send across - I fully expect the results to match my standards, and really hope our efforts were worth it. It was a pleasure to work with you Shawn!
    Best wishes