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Oct 28, 2010

My Portfolio Digitals

It's all starting to come together! I've finally gotten around to producing my first set of digitals (commonly referred to by the industry as polaroids) in my pursuit for modeling agency representation. Digitals are usually needed for agencies or scouts to see the raw, natural look of the model from different angles, unedited without any alterations or modifications.  I already made Comp Cards and have an online portfolio at Model Mayhem, but I knew that if I wanted to take my career to the next level that I'll be required to have them.

Keep your fingers crossed for me and wish me luck as I send my work for consideration.

Oct 24, 2010

Executive Canvas, by Julian Vankim

It's been a long day at the office!  Time to take a load off.  The second series from my evening shoot with Julian Vankim back in late-summer has been released.  "Executive Canvas," a collection of black and white shots of me slowly taking off an article of clothing, attempts to portray the feelings elicited by the conventional white-collar employee after getting home from work.

I don't know how many times I came home from a stressful day on the job and stripped down to my undies, as if to forget the entire work day!  This story-telling set of images intends to capture that moment right when you walk through the door and the first thing you want to do is get out of your work clothes. After all, you've spent all day trying to please your impossible boss, dealing with incompetent customers, and sat through pointless meetings all day.  Even the commute to and from work has you frustrated. Don't even get me started on that one!

I'm very happy with this set!  Once I saw the full series on EthanSays, I could not have envisioned a better platform.  Artistic, sexy, focused, and thought-provoking - just a few of the countless qualities that characterize the contemporary website!  And thanks to Julian, who has been on a roll lately!  Always a pleasure collaborating with you on your creative concepts.  So go ahead kick off your shoes, put away your dry cleaning, and enjoy a briefing of this executive suite!

Oct 19, 2010

Spirit Day, 10-20-10

In memory of those teens who took their lives due to discriminatory bullying, I'm showering my blog with purple today in support of efforts to spread awareness for "Spirit Day."  I encourage everyone to join the fight against gender-based violence and to support our youths who face the same pressures as witnessed by those who gave up their lives to teen bullies.  Stop the hate!

Oct 18, 2010

Red Licorice, by Ryan Colford

Trick or Treat!  Get your Halloween bags ready because Ryan Colford and EthanSays are about to toss some lip-licking licorice for you to indulge in this season.  I recently previewed Ryan's work in an earlier post (click here), and I'm excited to share with you the final set entitled "Red Licorice,"  the latest addition into Ryan's Candy Shoppe collection.

Ryan and I had expressed interest in working with each other for a few months leading up to shooting, and I've long been a fan of his Candy Shoppe series, so when he suggested having me model with red licorice I had a hard time passing up the opportunity.  Perfect timing because the release of "Red Licorice" coincides with everyone being in the mood for something sweet during Halloween.  It's the secret ingredient!

I'm pleased with how these conceptual images turned out.  In fact, one of the images from the series was picked up by Get Out! Magazine and featured on the cover of this month's Halloween edition.  GOOTH is a pocket-sized, quick reference guide NYC’s gay scene. The magazine’s website,, supplements the print edition with exclusive, up-to-date content as well.

I've learned that modeling is seldom about the model at all but rather fulfilling a photographer's vision on how he wants to portray someone, so these images are not typical fitness or fashion by any means.  This was another great lesson in being open-minded, stepping out of my comfort zone, and accepting ideas that push the envelope and challenge the standards of what modeling is about.

I tried something new!  I just hope I succeeded in fulfilling the concepts Ryan had in mind.  That to me is a successful model.

Oct 12, 2010

Photoshoot Preview: Rudy K Photography

Last week, I was very pleased to shoot with fashion/fitness photographer Rudy K on a few concept shots.  As you can tell, his work is very strong and his models express powerful emotions, so I knew I had to bring all my strengths to the shoot.  Although I felt we captured some pretty cool images, I actually learned a lot from Rudy's direction.  Such things as throwing your hips back and away from the camera, shifting weight, making an S-shape with your body, and other posture techniques can really impact the way you look in a shot.

I came home after the shoot and practiced some of these with my digital camera's auto-timer and was impressed by how simple adjustments of your body can influence the look and mood of an image. I shifted my body to one side, twisted slightly 3/4, and threw my right hip back and away from the camera.  All that's left is to give it an expression, but it was late at night and I just wanted to test some things I had learned earlier in the evening.  Rudy has quite an interactive posing guide on his website as well - click here to take a tour.

I hope to work with Rudy again in the near future on other possible concepts he has in mind (such as jumping on a trampoline), but for now please enjoy some of my favorite images of Rudy's exceptional portfolio.  Stay tuned for the final images soon.

Oct 7, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Don't be scared!  Models are allowed to enjoy pumpkin season, too!  Here are four frightful images taken this year: an image retouch by Manny Fontanilla, Hewolf by Y.M.I.J, a bloody offering between Julian Vankim and Manny Fontanilla, and the cover image from Masquerade.  For all you fellow freaks out there just like me, spooks to you!  Happy Halloween!

Oct 5, 2010

Photoshoot Preview - Saitam Photography

In my constant pursuit to seek out innovative photographers, I collaborated with model Rob Neff and photographer Will Matiaz of Saitam Photography on a couples shoot in Silver Spring, MD. Matiaz's creative imagination drew me in, for his images are often whimsical and brilliantly constructed.  I first noticed him through a fellow co-model of mine, Alexandra Merino (aka MetalClown), pictured below who creates her own costumes and outfits for her photoshoots.  The collaboration between her and Matiaz produces a sparkling array of fantastical imagery, so colorful and vibrant that my eyes can't ignore.

I won't give away the details behind our couples shoot, but one thing I really liked was the poetic story that's being told through the images.  Once the three of us talked through the concept and theme, we began portraying the characters as if being filmed for a movie.  I'm looking forward to the final outcomes and seeing our story come to life.  In addition to this, I have a solo shoot planned with Will in the coming weeks.  Think Halloween!  Many thanks to Rob and Will for the experience of shooting with you.  You were great to work with!