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Oct 18, 2010

Red Licorice, by Ryan Colford

Trick or Treat!  Get your Halloween bags ready because Ryan Colford and EthanSays are about to toss some lip-licking licorice for you to indulge in this season.  I recently previewed Ryan's work in an earlier post (click here), and I'm excited to share with you the final set entitled "Red Licorice,"  the latest addition into Ryan's Candy Shoppe collection.

Ryan and I had expressed interest in working with each other for a few months leading up to shooting, and I've long been a fan of his Candy Shoppe series, so when he suggested having me model with red licorice I had a hard time passing up the opportunity.  Perfect timing because the release of "Red Licorice" coincides with everyone being in the mood for something sweet during Halloween.  It's the secret ingredient!

I'm pleased with how these conceptual images turned out.  In fact, one of the images from the series was picked up by Get Out! Magazine and featured on the cover of this month's Halloween edition.  GOOTH is a pocket-sized, quick reference guide NYC’s gay scene. The magazine’s website,, supplements the print edition with exclusive, up-to-date content as well.

I've learned that modeling is seldom about the model at all but rather fulfilling a photographer's vision on how he wants to portray someone, so these images are not typical fitness or fashion by any means.  This was another great lesson in being open-minded, stepping out of my comfort zone, and accepting ideas that push the envelope and challenge the standards of what modeling is about.

I tried something new!  I just hope I succeeded in fulfilling the concepts Ryan had in mind.  That to me is a successful model.

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