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Oct 12, 2010

Photoshoot Preview: Rudy K Photography

Last week, I was very pleased to shoot with fashion/fitness photographer Rudy K on a few concept shots.  As you can tell, his work is very strong and his models express powerful emotions, so I knew I had to bring all my strengths to the shoot.  Although I felt we captured some pretty cool images, I actually learned a lot from Rudy's direction.  Such things as throwing your hips back and away from the camera, shifting weight, making an S-shape with your body, and other posture techniques can really impact the way you look in a shot.

I came home after the shoot and practiced some of these with my digital camera's auto-timer and was impressed by how simple adjustments of your body can influence the look and mood of an image. I shifted my body to one side, twisted slightly 3/4, and threw my right hip back and away from the camera.  All that's left is to give it an expression, but it was late at night and I just wanted to test some things I had learned earlier in the evening.  Rudy has quite an interactive posing guide on his website as well - click here to take a tour.

I hope to work with Rudy again in the near future on other possible concepts he has in mind (such as jumping on a trampoline), but for now please enjoy some of my favorite images of Rudy's exceptional portfolio.  Stay tuned for the final images soon.

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