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Jul 21, 2010

Pin-Up, by Y.M.I.J.

After going through modeling bootcamp with Y.M.I.J. I had told myself that I wanted to take my modeling endeavors to the next level.  At that time, I was posing in front of photographers trying to create expressions and poses while my thoughts were roaming elsewhere.  I reached a stalemate with myself, not even sure what my next move would (or should) be.

"Pin-up" is my first shoot with Y.M.I.J. since the 'rehab,' and I must say that I turned it up a few notches this time.  Granted, there was a bit of alcohol involved (as there always is with my shoots with Y.M.I.J.), but the added challenges were the tight space and limited time for the shoot.  It didn't matter, I knew that within the brief amount of time we had, there was no room to think, no time to worry about outside influences that sometimes cloud my thoughts.  I had to model, and that's what I did!

Critically, it's receiving praise from esteemed photographers and blogsites, including reFRESH Magazine.  All acclaim aside, I'm very happy and pleased with the outcomes of this shoot.  I love the story being told with these images, and my expressions reflect an inner discovery of my skills.  It's not just your flashy, sexy underwear shots - there is emotion and connection behind them.  This is the path I hope to continue paving for myself in future shoots.  Thanks to Y.M.I.J. for your professional mentorship and guidance.  He dishes out tough love, but I know in the end it's for the best.

For the more in-depth story behind this concept, please visit the post on Y.M.I.J.' s blog here.   Also, feel free to become a fan of this photographer on Facebook here.

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