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May 16, 2010

Modeling Bootcamp

In order to stay fresh and innovative in all aspects of your career, you must be able to reflect on previous experiences and analyze your current state.  You don't want to remain stagnant, you want to continue moving forward even if you don't know the direction your career may be heading, as you can't predict who will see your work or what assignments you will be offered.

In my case, to achieve that next level of excellence it's time for me to undergo modeling bootcamp!  After shooting with my favorite photographer (YMIJ/Jimy Kosmakos) on a potential magazine feature, he pointed out many flaws that were inhibiting me from nailing the shots.  We got a few keepers, but not enough to where I was pleased.  I was torn between conflicting thoughts - trying to convey a competitive tennis player and making it look model-esque.  The images could not have portrayed my confusion any better.  We still managed to salvage a handful of images, but it triggered Jimy to diagnose me with "model fatigue."

Over the course of the next few weeks I will be studying and learning about this industry from a more detailed perspective, from experts with years of experience and backgrounds.  Jimy will be providing me with literature and source material to read such as fashion and runway print, various televised tutorials and programs, and other means necessary to study modeling from a broader perspective.

So it's time to shape up!  I will be going to Orlando to shoot with the AJR family again, so this bootcamp training could not have come at a better moment.  In addition, I have a potential magazine shoot with Jimy later this month, which will require me to be on point!  The bar has been raised, and I'm ready to hunker down and do what it takes.  Wish me luck...

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