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Feb 14, 2011

Reflections of Eros

Eros (or Cupid in Roman myths), the young Greek God of Love, is known in mythology to exemplify sexual love and universal passion. His bold physique and striking features were often admired by deities; legend has it that his radiance was often too inspiring for mortals to bear.

Eros lost his heart to the mortal Psyche but constantly feared for her safety.  He made Psyche swear that she would never look fully upon his face, only visiting her at night.  Psyche's family insisted that Eros must be a grotesque and dangerous monster.

In retaliation, she lights a lamp and sees his glorious beauty, making her hands tremble and shake feverishly!  A few drops of hot oil spilled upon Eros, which caused him to fly away from her in physical pain compounded by the pain of knowing she doubted him.  He later recovers and rescues Psyche, the only mortal who stole his heart.  


As an homage to the young God Eros, this labor-of-love series as featured on Beautifulmag consists of newly-redesigned images from photographer Robert Mercer, Jr., visionary of the Ripped Genes calendars, and graphic artist Manny Fontanilla!  May the spirit of Cupid's arrow fill your hearts this Valentine's Day!

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