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Aug 2, 2011

Summer Editorial, by Miguel Suarez

My first feature of 2012!  Gracing the pages of WowWow, a London-based website featuring established and emerging artists in stylish photography and modeling, this black & white stylish set by photographer Miguel Suarez found its way to publication!

I must admit, I took some time off from the modeling scene to focus on friends, family, and myself which included a complete overhaul of my fitness regimen.  Plus I just wanted a break from it - I was shooting way too often with an uncertain purpose.  I was lost.  Not taking any credit away from the photographers, but my expressions were flat, my poses were dull and forced, and it didn't seem like I was really enjoying myself in front of the camera.

So after taking hiatus and learning to have fun and focus on other things in my life, I've been able to return to the modeling scene with a fresher mindset and a new outlook on the industry.  This new series of images from photographer Miguel Suarez marks a breakthrough for me personally.  Not only am I quite proud of them but I pushed myself creatively to achieve a higher standard of what I'm capable of.  I hope you enjoy these shots as much as I enjoyed creating them!      .


  1. Hi Shawn, somewhere, guess it was your FB page, you posed w/o shaving body hair. WOW! Love to see you do more like that. Thanks, Derek