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Mar 4, 2010

Sexing it Up with Tony Veloz

In an attempt to surpass the first shoot I did with Tony (the Stone Series slideshow), he and I had been planning weeks in advance for a follow-up.  We exchanged lengthy emails almost daily, sharing our inspirations on photographs we'd come across and brainstorming on how we would "sex" it up and make our next endeavor an edgier one. I'm confident that our efforts have paid off.

In our shoot, Tony was inspired by my passion for tennis and some raw images of Rick Day, which if you know his work at all you know that it pushes the boundaries of sexy male photography (his work is truly amazing)!  Some consider his work pornographic, but Tony and I both see an artful side and felt inspired.  My hoodie shot and the green jacket shot below came from that line of thought, while the tennis series explores a more original and colorful side, looking to put a sexier spin on tennis but with a fun and welcoming touch with Tony's signature style.

I've managed to combine the photo we used as inspiration with the finished one(s) as a means of comparing the two.  Although not entirely the same, I like to think we met our expectations.  Note the Rick Day-inspired shot...I think we nailed that one!  :)


  1. Crazy hot! Nice job!

  2. Love this series Shawn, you look particularly ripped and vascular and I like the feel of these, your work is awesome! Neil - Millar Photographics