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Nov 16, 2010

Beautiful Photographer, Julian Vankim

It's been a beautiful life this week for Julian Vankim!  Customarily, I enjoy sharing samples of my most recent work and any accolades I may have received, but from time to time I also try to showcase individual photographers and their accomplishments, especially if I've worked with them.  And that's what today's blog is all about.

I first shot with Julian way back in March, before his sudden rise within the industry.  I saw potential.  We shot again in early summer for his Flow series and things seemed to get busier for the young photographer.  His work became more refined, more artistic, and folks began to take notice...including EthanSays, one of the more prominent and industry-leading blog sites around. He debuted on with model Stephen Benedicto, followed by his Ribbon Series with the DC Cowboys, and continued to grow.

We shot together again (our 3rd shoot) back in August, and produced three amazing series, two of which have already been published on EthanSays (Drenched Relic and Executive Canvas).  I had suggested that he take a chance and try to submit to Beautifulmag, another photography blog that showcases amazing works of other renowned photographers in the industry.  Although they didn't take the bait at first, his submission definitely sparked their interest.  They dug deeper into his portfolio and decided to give him his very first full-length feature on their website.  And he's in great company, too...right alongside other notable photographers such as Rick Day, Dylan Rosser, and other heavyweights within the industry.

Cheers to Julian for his success!  I'm sure there will be much more critical acclaim coming his way in the very near future.  I'm happy to see him grow and excel in his passion - very inspiring!

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  1. Great shot of you there at the end