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Aug 2, 2010

Widening the Audience

In an attempt to reach a larger demographic and exposure in other arenas of the industry, UK-based Harlot Magazine featured yours truly as the hottie of the week.  As an e-zine geared towards women, Harlot displays various stories on sexy styles, erotica (not porn), and "tasty totty."  I pondered for a while about appearing in a female sex magazine, but since I'm trying to broaden my audience and gain exposure in other arenas, I felt this feature would foster some of that growth.  Plus, the interview questions were fun and amusing!  Even I got a kick out of it!
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In any event, as I continue challenging conventions of male modeling through various photoshoots, interviews, and profiles, I hope to explore and discover other niches within the fashion and fitness community in hopes of gaining more exposure.  Special thanks to David Tickner for his reference and to the folks at Harlot Magazine for taking a chance with me.  And of course, to my esteemed photographer Joe TickNow for providing the high-resolution image used in the feature.

To flip through the latest issue of Harlot and for the interview, please click here.

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  1. congrats on the feature and this very hot blog -we just found it today and will certainly check it out often. Keep up the great work