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Feb 9, 2010

Reunited with Jimy Kosmakos/Y.M.I.J

I ended up venturing out in the 20+ inches of snow that fell on DC this weekend for an ad hoc shoot with my good buddy Jimy Kosmakos/Y.M.I.J.  We spent most of the time just hanging out and talking about the modeling/photography industry than actually shooting, but it was a fun evening. Any time spent with Jimy is guaranteed to be eventful and enjoyable in some way or another.

In the end, I think we turned out some cool images. I'm only expecting a couple pictures back (maybe one more he said), and I got two of them back today. This guy is quick. One is soft, natural, and very simplistic. The other is on the opposite end of the spectrum which we called "Dirtyboy," a more dark and dirty portrayal that he envisioned.  They're both great additions to my portfolio!

**UPDATE** (2/11/10) -------------------->
I received the 3rd image from Monday's photoshoot. It's so cute and charming!  Jimy caught me smiling so naturally and he captured it in this awesome B&W photo.  This completes our 2nd successful collaboration and have already begun looking ahead to our 3rd - a couples shoot!  Yeah, this one should be quite exciting and fun! 

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