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Apr 29, 2010

Robert Redford Series Released

The wait is over!  I've released my 60s-inspired Fashion Series from photographer Kevin Almond of Haringman Photography.  The first set of images I released with Kevin resulted in an exclusive feature on Ohlala magazine ("Ohlala, Baby"), and now I'm proud to display or Robert Redford-inspired collaborative set, our second and final series.  You may recall my enthusiasm leading up to this shoot last month, so I'm very happy to share this set with you.

Oh, and a special wardrobe stylist credit shout out goes to Jimy Kosmakos of Y.M.I.J for providing fashion consultation during preparation.  All that shopping paid off in the end!

For a little background on the concept and inspiration behind this New York City photoshoot, please refer to my "Being Robert Redford" post by clicking here.  Enjoy!  =)

Apr 28, 2010

Bikram Article on MaleFitnessModels

For those who missed it, I wrote an article on my bikram yoga activity for the website and they published it in its entirety.  Also accompanying the article are brand new images from my shoot with Robert Charles of RCimagery a few weeks ago.  Check out the feature here.

Apr 23, 2010

Photoshoot Preview: AJRimaging

I'm starting to wind down my spring photoshoot season but one of the milestones from it will be this weekend's shoot down in Orlando with the amazing AJRimaging!  I've admired the work of this talented photographer for a long time now, and earlier this year AJ agreed to shoot with me.  Needless to say I was humbly thrilled and flattered.

We picked a date a couple months ago and have stuck to it ever since.  In fact, I write this blog post today as I lay in bed at his wonderful home in sunny Orlando, drafting up my preview of what I'm confident will be an exciting and eventful weekend.  As you can tell, his work is phenomenal!  As I enjoy writing about a weekend that has yet to happen, I'm already anxious and impatient to see what he can do with me!  If his work is any indication, I have a lot to look forward to this weekend! :)

"My goal is to capture the heart of the subject, character, the mood of the project, the highlight of a product; and to produce clean, vibrant, strong images."

AJ works with some of the most talented and well-respected models in the industry.  Some have gone on to sign big contracts in New York, Miami, and all over the world!  Many of his subjects participate regularly in fashion and underwear campaigns for various fashion, fitness, and lifestyle magazines.  He sees talent and fosters their skills, hoping to bring out the best in a model to reveal his/her potential.  I'd say he's done a fine job of that!

I'm not the least bit surprised of his success or of his models.  As AJ states, "My goal is to capture the heart of the subject, character, the mood of the project, the highlight of a product; and to produce clean, vibrant, strong images.  I consider myself an eternal work in progress, always evolving, always learning, driven by my commitment to improve my craft."  Well stated, AJ.

Apr 20, 2010

Springwolf by Robert Charles

Introducing, "Springwolf."  This 3-image set by Robert Charles of RCimagery is part of my weekend photoshoot down in Raleigh, NC from a few weeks ago.  We hadn't really envisioned such a lively and colorful series while shooting (or even beforehand), but one of the things I wanted to add to my portfolio were some fun fashion shots.  Robert, a more fitness-oriented photographer, was a bit out of his element but luckily he had an experienced model as his subject.  =)

Prior to shooting anything that weekend, Robert and I took a trip to the mall and hit up the trend-setters:  Express, H&M, Diesel, and Nordstroms.  I brought a few articles with me as well, including some accessories and sunglasses to have as options.  Not the most comfortable shopping for a fashion shoot, Robert successfully chose most of the clothing you see in these shots.  After all, those are HIS red shoes by the way!

As is customary for my photoshoots, dance music and alcoholic beverages complimented our session. Ever have an ice cream martini or a gelato-tini?  DE-licious!  I also have a signature song that really gets me pumped and loose for a photoshoot:  Lady Gaga's "Telephone."  I'll listen to just about anything to get me in the mood to dance, but I peak once that song plays!  I have a special connection to that song, though - the banner picture on my blog, "Stereophone" was created when I first listened to it during a shoot.

Needless to say, we wrapped things up around 3am after the coffee-flavored vodka and the espresso tequila took their effect.  Robert and I are proud of what we spawned:  a colorful series of fashion shots that seemed to surprise us both.  The images came together nicely and fit well as a set.  A successful collaboration, indeed! Oowwwuuuu!

Apr 15, 2010

Ohlala, Baby!

For the second time this year, a collaboration between me and photographer makes its way on Ohlala.  Kevin Almond of Haringman Photography, who you  may remember from my "Being Robert Redford" post, created a series of images classic of his signature style that made their way onto Ohlala's website!  Check out the featured set below, with the trademark Ohlala stamp of authenticity! Enjoy!  =)

For the complete feature, click here.

Midnight Cowboy, by Y.M.I.J.

The set is complete!  Y.M.I.J's first outdoor series, called Midnight Cowboy!  It's been receiving rave reviews and was recently published on YVY Mag's website, a blog that features sexy fashion and fitness models at their best, captured by the most talented photographers.  To read about the preparation and background of this collaborative opus, please visit YMIJ's blog by clicking here. Enjoy, y'all...! =)

Apr 14, 2010

Spring Tennis Series

You may recall the "Sexing it Up with Tony Veloz" blog post from last month.  My passion for tennis was the inspiration behind this photoshoot and below is the "Spring Tennis Series."  Enjoy!

When Passion is a Lifestyle

My article on is live!  Read all about it here

Please refer to last month's blog post for the preview.  My understanding is that MFM will continue following up with me for future stories.  Thanks again, Michael.

Apr 9, 2010

Cherry Poppin' Fun

Modeling for me needs to be enjoyable...Always!  But sometimes it's okay to let yourself go and just be silly - we're only young once, right?  I seldom stray from my usual routine of dieting and exercise during the week and maintain my strict discipline rigorously.  And that includes no alcohol whatsoever...except for when I shoot with Jimy Kosmakos/Y.M.I.J.  This is Y.M.I.J.'s first outdoor shoot, so we needed the liquid encouragement.

The night began rather soberly: shopping for inspiration at H&M (of course), walking around the side streets of Cleveland Park scoping out potential locations, just your basic prep work.  But you see, Jimy and I get sidetracked a lot, which shouldn't come as a surprise considering the three shots of tequila (top quality, I might add) and half a bottle of wine we had downed before a single flash of his camera.  We're no alcoholics by any means and I'm not endorsing this activity to my audience, but I must admit that we produce some killer images this way! I don't know, you tell me...

I won't go into details of how we came up with the name of this image we call Cherry, but just use your imagination and it may come to you.  One of those things that makes you go, "Hmm..."

Apr 7, 2010

Smartwolf's Flower Power

This post is a tad overdue, but earlier last month I had the pleasure of working with the esteemed photographer, Carlo Iyog of CMBI/New York on his flower book project.  The concept was to draw out the masculinity of the male figure while he models with a flower.  Soft, subtle, and tasteful but with the symbolism of a blossoming flower.

Making myself look masculine while holding a flower?  Well, I had known about this concept for a few weeks so I was able to channel Carlo's vision successfully.  Actually to be honest, I nailed it!  The image received a warm reception from the modeling community since posting it on my port a day ago and just two days ago won the Model Mayhem's Picture-of-the-Day (POTD) contest, my first ever win!  Some of you know how determined I've been at these contests, and now the victory is oh-so-sweet!

In return, Carlo agreed to do a New York City late-night fashion shoot in Times Square.  It was an interesting concept and one that would have been a welcoming addition to my portfolio.  We even spent most of the early evening shopping for the right wardrobe sets!  However, it was bitterly cold up in NY the weekend we shot, Grand Central Station closed at 2am (a lovely spot for taking pictures), and we were unable to achieve any shots worth keeping.  There were tons of people still walking the streets, traffic was abundant, and our shots looked more like tourist pictures instead of professionals at work.

So we headed back to Carlo's apartment around 3am and shot indoors instead. We wrapped around 4am, got a few hours of sleep, and I headed back to DC. I'm calling this fashion set, "Smartwolf."

I have to say that before heading up to New York for the shoot I was most excited about the fashion stuff moreso than doing the flower project.  However, now that I've received most of the images (a few more are on their way), the flower shot is growing on me (no pun intended) and is becoming a strong and prominent image on my portfolio.

Special thanks to Carlo for believing in me and having full confidence throughout the shoot.  I wish him luck and great success with his future projects.  He's an amazing talent! =)