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Dec 28, 2011

2011 - The Year in Review

Yes, just like the Oscars or CNN, I too will have a year in review of the more memorable moments I encountered through the world of modeling.  It was an evolutionary year for me I would say.  I cut back on the number of shoots and focused on quality rather than quantity, choosing to mature my physical expressions over everything else.  I took a look at 2010 and thought, "how can I build upon this momentum leading into 2011."  After all, 2010 was quite an exciting one, so I wondered how I would be able to tread differently and still be successful.  It helped to take a break from it all in late 2010-early 2011 so I could gain a few more pounds of muscle and basically just take a step back from it all.

My first shoot of 2011 was in the spring, a collaborative shoot with West Phillips from San Francisco.  Fresh off his trip to Australia, I had the opportunity to meet him prior to shooting to get a sense of his concepts and objectives.  I gathered up several model friends who participated in the TeamDC fundraising event so that he would have a variety of hunks to choose from.  There were roughly 8-10 of us modeling in DC's Meridian Park, along with the help of stylists and other assistants.  It was a fun time and I had a blast working with everyone.

Kicking off the start of the summer, I went to Boston for Memorial Day and shot with Cory Stierley.  First off, the guy is a trip!  He's silly and sarcastic, which is my kind of humor.  He wanted my body hair to be fully grown out which was the first time I had done so in a shoot but I knew the images would come out great.  Below are a couple furry shots from the weekend.

The summer was a sizzling one!  In June I was able to reconnect with Miguel Suarez on an edgy B&W fashion series.  Perhaps some of my more dynamic and expressive shoots to date, I really wanted to nail this one.  From the looks of these, I think I did alright.  To view the full set, click here. In addition, we shot again a few weeks later and produced a couple more steamy shots that added some sex appeal to my portfolio.  I have my fingers crossed in hopes he'll consider working with me again in 2012.

Midway through the summer I learned that the Goliath known as YMIJ was returning to Maryland!  I hadn't worked with him in well over a year, so not only was I nervous but anxious to be working with him again!  He dusted off his camera skills while I did my crunches and produced a wildly-artistic series he called Uncanny Rose.  Oh, and we shot again shortly after that on an Annie Leibovitz-inspired shot, which happens to be my favorite image of the year!  The third shoot together we basically got drunk and had fun playing with magazines, tic-tacs, and empty liquor bottles.  Who knew the pictures would actually turn out as good as they did (I sure didn't think they would).  We did a couple other tests shots here and there, but these images below  were among my favorites!

In the fall, I was able to grab the attention of Sean Gomes.  We had been trying to set up a shoot for quite some time but schedules never matched up.  I'm finally glad they did because I got some pretty unique shots out of our shoot.  He's another photographer I'd like to continue working with in 2012 if he'd be up for it.  Here are a few from our collaborative efforts...

The fall would not be complete without a Ripped Genes honorable mention.  Although I was up for the coveted cover model spot, I still managed to produce a few stylish images that are keepers in my portfolio.  Robert Mercer, the principal photographer and producer of the calendar and release party, went classy with a collection of charming lads in sharp attire.  I for one was quite pleased with the new direction and stylish look!  

Rounding out my final shoot of the year was a collaboration with Julian Vankim.  Stay tuned for clips from a series of concepts we did, debuting in early 2012.  Cheers to all my wonderful photographers who added such great depth to my portfolio.  Hope to work with you all again in the near future!  

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