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Jul 25, 2010

Heat Wave, by Joe TickNow

The first set in my summer trilogy with Joe TickNow has finally been released on Beautiful, a prominent blogsite within the realm of photography and fashion, known for featuring some of the hottest models and photographers around.  This series of summer sizzlers was the first release from my shoot with Joe TickNow but was delayed after Beautiful expressed interest.  We released two teaser images from this set as a preview and now the trilogy has come full-circle.

I've never modeled with surfboards before, nor have I surfed a day in my life but luckily I did my research in advance.  I browsed through multiple surfing magazines and webpages for inspiration on my "character" in hopes I wouldn't look silly with a giant surfboard in my hand or wetsuit hanging on me.  This was an aspect of modeling I began taking seriously, much like how an actor must embody a character he/she has to portray.

I must say that I am pretty impressed with how these turned out, and they look amazing on Beautiful's website (for the full feature along with additional images, click here), not to mention simply having fun with this concept.  Maybe I will take up surfing as a hobby one of these days.  Doubtful, but at least I can say I made it look convincing.  =)

Jul 21, 2010

Pin-Up, by Y.M.I.J.

After going through modeling bootcamp with Y.M.I.J. I had told myself that I wanted to take my modeling endeavors to the next level.  At that time, I was posing in front of photographers trying to create expressions and poses while my thoughts were roaming elsewhere.  I reached a stalemate with myself, not even sure what my next move would (or should) be.

"Pin-up" is my first shoot with Y.M.I.J. since the 'rehab,' and I must say that I turned it up a few notches this time.  Granted, there was a bit of alcohol involved (as there always is with my shoots with Y.M.I.J.), but the added challenges were the tight space and limited time for the shoot.  It didn't matter, I knew that within the brief amount of time we had, there was no room to think, no time to worry about outside influences that sometimes cloud my thoughts.  I had to model, and that's what I did!

Critically, it's receiving praise from esteemed photographers and blogsites, including reFRESH Magazine.  All acclaim aside, I'm very happy and pleased with the outcomes of this shoot.  I love the story being told with these images, and my expressions reflect an inner discovery of my skills.  It's not just your flashy, sexy underwear shots - there is emotion and connection behind them.  This is the path I hope to continue paving for myself in future shoots.  Thanks to Y.M.I.J. for your professional mentorship and guidance.  He dishes out tough love, but I know in the end it's for the best.

For the more in-depth story behind this concept, please visit the post on Y.M.I.J.' s blog here.   Also, feel free to become a fan of this photographer on Facebook here.

Jul 19, 2010

Summer Breeze, by Joe TickNow

My summer trilogy with Joe TickNow concludes with a breezy fashion series, a small collection of shots captured in the shaded areas of NY.  Intended as a cool-off from my other two series ("Heat Waves" and "99 Degrees"), this final collaboration with Joe brings the heat down by showcasing some of summer's lighter threads, eliciting a cooler mood and relief from the summer blaze.

This was actually our first concept of the day but our third release together.  The preview for "Heat Waves" debuted our trilogy while "99 Degrees" followed afterwards.  We shot the breezy fashion series under a bridge first thing in the morning, a warm-up to the more steamy stuff that would ensue later in the day.  My hair at this point had grown to a length that was malleable, so Joe was able to play with the styling more freely to achieve a summery look.

Joe and I hope you have enjoyed our collaborative trilogy of summer sizzlers including "Summer Breeze," our cool fashion set.  Stay tuned for the final release of "Heat Waves," set to scorch next week.  I also want to wish Joe continued success in his seasonal photoshoot series.  Thank you once again for including me in your summer portfolio.  You're amazing!

Jul 8, 2010

Flow, by Julian Vankim

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate to reunite with the young and talented Julian Vankim.  I modeled for him earlier in the year, but when he approached me and other models (Rob Neff is pictured below) about an underwater shoot for the summer I couldn't resist.  He showed me a few concepts (including the use of shear sheets on a glass ceiling), and immediately I was drawn to his themes, for this would be something different and imaginative.

The first set of images were done on a clear glass flooring with Julian shooting up through it with thin sheets.  These came out rather interesting and really show off Julian's technique and artistic eye.  We took the shoot outdoors by the pool and underwater, bringing the sheets with us and seeing what kinds of poses we could create.  My favorite shot of the day was my above-water headshot, a shot completely worthy of appearing on my Model Mayhem portfolio.

I enjoyed this shoot, for it challenged me to model in a capacity that's atypical of work I've done in the past.  I respect and appreciate Julian's creativity and was happy to be part of a challenging yet rewarding photoshoot experience. Fitness, fashion, and commercial modeling will always be my areas of expertise, but I'm always up for exploring new areas of the industry to demonstrate my skills in hopes of widening my marketability.  This has been a step in that direction.

Below is a sneak peak, behind-the-scenes look at how the photoshoot took place.  As you can see, Julian directed us accordingly and took his own skills to another level by repeatedly submerging himself and his camera underwater to capture the shot.

Photo and location credits to Chris Zimmer for providing these documentary-style images at his residence in Washington, DC.

99 Degrees, by Joe TickNow

Crank up the AC - it's getting HOT outside! Making its debut on EthanSays is an exclusive and impressive body of work from Joe TickNow, a summer sizzler he's calling "99 Degrees."  This set marks the second series from our summer trilogy collection intended to capture the moods of summer.  EthanSays, a modern fashion and entertainment blog covering emerging aspects of the industry, remains one of my favorite blogs because of its dynamic layout, ease of navigating, and impressive photographs and articles.  Feel free to visit the published feature on EthanSays here.

July 12, 2010 **Hewolf Update**  
(Since its premiere on EthanSays, "99 Degrees" has been published on and DNA Magazine's blog, and has been linked to various websites including Ohlala and Rufskin's Ruftalk blog.  This series is proving to be quite a crowd-pleaser it seems.  Thanks again, Joe!)

Currently sunbathing in post-production is the first set from our trilogy, "Heat Waves."  Joe and I have released two teaser images from that set already, so stay tuned for its scorching premiere in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, cool off, take a dip in the ocean, and find shade under a boardwalk on the beach of NY  - I did!  =)

Jul 7, 2010

Swimwear Fashion Show, Hosted by Universal Gear

                                                                                                              video courtesy of Aram Vartian, MetroWeekly
July 15, 2010 **Hewolf Update**
Just posted images and video from last weekend's show.  Enjoy!

The summer fashion circuit heats up this weekend as Universal Gear hosts its Swimwear Fashion Show at Town Danceboutique in Washington, DC this Saturday, July 10th.  Models, including myself, will debut some of the retailer's newest arrivals, including speedos, squarecuts, and trunks by Andrew Christian, Carioca, Pistol Pete, and many other popular labels.  This marks my 4th fashion show collaboration this year with the popular men's clothing apparel store and I'm excited to be part of their lineup!

                                                                                             Images courtesy of Washington Blade